A Sheffield-based plastic-free group is calling for more support towards their ‘renewable revolution’ campaign.

Plastic Free Sheffield Central is one of 800 volunteer-led campaign groups which aims to reduce single-use plastics in the UK.

Greg Hewitt, Campaign Lead at Plastic Free Sheffield Central, said: “We’re trying to raise awareness of the issues of single-use plastics and get the whole community taking action and making plastic-free swaps to reduce single-use plastics.

“We’ve had little support so far but as we’re a completely voluntary campaign it has been difficult to achieve what we need to do. We have seen a lot of support when we’re at events however.”

Plastic Free Sheffield Central Stall at Barker’s Pool – Plastic Free Sheffield Central

On the campaign website, the goals are outlined as encouraging businesses that use single-use plastics in Sheffield city Centre to switch to renewables.

They can do this by using a deposit return scheme whereby customers will deposit £1 to ensure they return the cups and containers that they use.

Mr Hewitt added: “I think businesses will commit to this but only if the government can provide support.

“There are lots of benefits, including saving millions of disposable cups from being thrown away and thus causing plastic pollution, saving money, attracting and keeping customers, and finally win awards for their efforts to do so.”

Globally, we have already created over 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic, according to City to Sea. Production of plastic is expected to double over the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050.

For more information on Plastic Free Sheffield Central, click here.

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