All 22 people taking part in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity walk made it to the top of the summit yesterday morning after a difficult overnight climb in strong winds and heavy rain.

Jayne Collins, a hiker whose daughter is cared for at the hospital, said: “We really enjoyed it! The climb itself was not so bad, but the tiredness is taking its toll.

“It was really well organised and, in the end, the weather was better than anticipated!”

Phoebe Marriott, Events Fundraising Assistant at Children’s Hospital Charity, added: “The weather was testing and walking in the dark was a new experience for everyone, but last night’s climb was also a great team effort.

“I am so happy that we were able to complete the challenge and raise a fantastic amount, well done to everyone who took part. This was an amazing achievement for you all!”

The mountain is over 1000m tall and is the highest in Wales. The team have so far managed to raise nearly £7,000 for the hospital. You can find them under #TeamTheo (the hospital mascot) on Twitter.

People raising money for another campaign, called #TeamJack, also took part in the nine-mile climb. They raised another £1,800 to go towards both Children’s Hospital and Young Lives vs Cancer.

The campaign was started by 15-year-old Jack Faulkner before he passed away of cancer in 2018, and has so far managed to raise more than £150,000.

Jacks father Dan said: “Well, what’s not to love about cold, wet, windy, foggy hill walks? We really enjoyed it, but I’m glad it’s over.”

His wife Leanne added: “Luckily the weather was kind to us, the rain eased off before we set off, but we did have 70 mph winds.

“It was nothing compared to what Jack went through though. Thank you to everyone who did the climb with us. It’s been amazing!”

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