Climate change protesters gathered in Sheffield City Centre yesterday in a response to COP27 in Egypt.

One of 42 protests in the UK today, the Climate Justice Coalition marched through the city from Barker’s Pool to Devonshire Green.

Climate protestors walking through Sheffield

Lindy Stone, Co-Coordinator of Sheffield Friends of the Earth said: “We’re trying to speed up countries’ action on tackling climate change.

“This year there is a particular focus on global justice because the countries that will be worst affected are really struggling already and they have done very little to contribute to carbon emissions that the industrialised world has put out, yet they still suffer from it.

“This is a gathering of everyone who wants faster action on climate change but it’s also a focus on being fair to the countries that suffer.”

Globally, there were over 300 protests in major cities today as a part of the Climate Justice Coalition.