Kelham Island was recognised as one of the ’51 coolest neighbourhoods in the world’ by TimeOut magazine last week.

TimeOut described it as a “unique bit of Sheffield thanks to the beautiful waterway that runs through it” and said it has “all the hallmarks of a hip neighbourhood” while still giving residents and visitors a sense of Sheffield’s rich industrial history.

Kelham Island resident, Jess Smith, said: “I think it’s quite a cool thing to say about where you live. I didn’t even realise a list like that exists until I heard about it.”

One of the oldest manufacturing sites in Sheffield, Kelham Island fell into despair following the industrial decline in the mid-20th century.

But in the 1980s, Sheffield City Council began attempts to re-develop the area, and Kelham has since been put back on the map.

The real turning point for the area came with the 2008 Kelham Neepsend Action Plan; a ten-year extensive regeneration plan implemented by the council.

The aim of the plan was to integrate modern buildings with the older ones, bringing the area into the 21st century yet still preserving its industrial character.

Little Kelham

The regeneration was such a success that Kelham Island was given the Great Neighbourhood Award in 2019 by the Academy of Urbanism.

Miss Smith said: “From the outside, it looks just like a lot of old factory buildings and new building complexes, but when you really explore it you can find the most amazing spots in all corners of the area.

“I’m constantly finding new places to try around here.”

Little Kelham, one of the new developments of Kelham Island, includes buildings that are entirely powered by renewable electricity, creating zero-emission homes.