A burst pipe on Clarkson Street caused a few hundred gallons of water to be wasted on Friday. The road was shut and nearby routes were blocked as a result.

The leak has since affected traffic around Glossop Road near the University of Sheffield’s Student Union and Sheffield’s Children Hospital, impacting some of the busiest routes in the city.

Yorkshire Water, who were at the scene shortly after footage of the leak was shared across social media, have since stated it could take until Thursday October 13 to fix the leak.

Disruption was caused by a major water pipe burst at Clarkson Street on Friday.

Clarkson Street and nearby roads remain closed on Sunday but repairs have been underway since a striking morning in Sheffield.

Travellers have been advised to take alternative routes when commuting around the area.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital said in a statement: “We are aware of the road closure due to a burst water pipe outside of the hospital.

“Services are continuing to run as normal. However, our pickup and drop off area outside the main entrance to the hospital is closed.

“You can still reach the hospital as a pedestrian. If you need to be dropped off directly to the hospital, you can briefly drop off or pick up at our Emergency Department entrance.

“We advise patients and families coming to the hospital today to allow more time for travel and parking in order to attend their appointments at their allocated time. Our clinical teams are aware of the situation and aim to see patients even if they are delayed.”