A men’s recycled fashion store on Ecclesall Road are “trying to stay positive” as they look to recover from a ram-raid last month.

White Rose Sheffield was ram-raided in the early hours of Saturday 29th October by a group of men with their faces covered.

They crashed into the front of the store, took hundreds of items of clothing and jewellery, and then drove off.

It caused an estimated loss of £45,000 to the store and has forced it to be closed until at least the New Year.

Jessica Bradshaw, Store Manager at White Rose Sheffield, said: “It was an obvious shock to us all. Over 300 items of clothing were stolen and with the damage caused we obviously had to close.

“We are determined that the ram-raid won’t keep us down.”

White Rose was originally opened in 2009 in Nottingham but the Ecclesall Road menswear store opened in September 2021.

The charity is driven by their aim to reduce fast fashion’s effect on the environment.

Miss Bradshaw said: “It’s important the public have a green alternative that gives them fashionable options at a low price, and one that doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

“We are determined to open again as soon as possible.”

The charity also supports ‘The Aegis Trust,’ an anti-genocide NGO that works in areas of risk or areas recovering from atrocities.

The Trust’s peace education programme works across Africa and includes genocide survivors’ testimonies.

The raid has forced a delay on the fashion store’s ability to get support to the Trust’s peace educators in the Central African Republic.

White Rose have launched an appeal for donations with a target of £20,000 to raise and send to the cause in Central African Republic.

To donate, visit https://whiterose.enthuse.com/cf/reverse-the-ramraid.

The charity has also encouraged people to drop off clothing at their womenswear store at 313 Ecclesall Road as they aim to reopen their raided menswear store as soon as possible.