Paul Blomfield, Sheffield Central MP, announced in February that he won’t be standing in the next general election after holding the seat ever since 2010.

Ever since, there have been a number of candidates vying for the job.

We are now down to six candidates who are competing to stand to become the next Labour MP for Sheffield Central.

Jayne Dunn

Jayne Dunn –

Jayne Dunn has been a Sheffield councillor since 2012 and has lived in the city for over 35 years in which time she set up a local business, Revive Beauty Salon on Glossop Road.

Coun Dunn boasts a number of achievements on her campaign website including bringing in the first electric car charging points in Sheffield and working with unions to scrap zero-hour contracts for refuse workers.

In an exclusive interview with SheffCentral, she discussed her tough upbringing growing up in a household of domestic abuse. She said: “I know just what it’s like to hide under the bed with my sister.”

Jayne Dunn for Sheffield Central campaign video

You can see more of Jayne Dunn’s interview with SheffCentral here. For more information on her campaign, click here.

Mike Buckley

Mike Buckley –

Mike Buckley is the current Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party (CLP) campaign coordinator. He is a journalist who writes for the Byline Times. His experiences include working as an aid worker in Iraq for 12 years and public campaigning for the living wage and changes to refugee asylum rights.

Mr Buckley also works as the Director of the Independent Commission on UK-EU Relations.

On his campiagn website, Mr Buckley said: “I am proud to call Sheffield my home. But Sheffield can be better even than it is today. That’s why I need your support.”

Mike Buckley’s Campaign video

For more information on Mike Buckley’s campiagn, click here.

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard –

The most notable of all the candidates, comedian, actress and activist Eddie Izzard threw herself into the competition for Sheffield Central.

An alumni of the University of Sheffield, she said: “Sheffield has a proud history, showing grit and determination in overcoming adversities.

“It was the wit and generosity of the people of this city that made me feel welcome when I first arrived.”

Izzard has gained the support of the Musicians Union and by actor Russell Crowe.

Eddie Izzard’s campaign video

For more information on Eddie Izzard’s campaign, click here.

Dr Rizwana Lala

Rizwana Lala –

Dr Rizwana Lala is a Dentist and Public Health Lead for Climate and Sustainability in the NHS.

She lives in Sheffield Central and was the first woman in her community to go to University according to her website.

In her manifesto, she said: “I will have a public health approach to policymaking to tackle the climate and the cost-of-living crises, narrow education and health inequalities, and rebuild Sheffield’s vibrant arts and culture sectors so we all experience joy and flourish.

“I commit to building a bold Labour movement in Sheffield and taking our vision and voice to Parliament.”

Dr Rizwana Lala’s Campaign video

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Paul Mason

Paul Mason –

Paul Mason is the second famous face to become a candidate. He was a journalist for the BBC and Channel 4 amongst many but has now decided to move into politics.

Mr Mason is an alumni of the University of Sheffield where he studied music and politics.

In an interview with SheffCentral, he said: “I’m done shouting from the sidelines.

“I think its time to put people in Parliament that will take the current power structure on.”

Mr Mason’s aims include Net Zero Carbon by the 2030s and a £15 an hour minimum wage across low paid job sectors.

Paul Mason’s campaign video

For more information on Paul Mason’s campaign, click here.

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Abtisam Mohamed

Abitsam Mohamed –

Councillor Abtisam Mohamed is perhaps the big favourite following current MP Paul Blomfield’s backing.

She grew up in Sheffield in the 1980s and 90s and qualified as a teacher and then a lawyer. Coun Mohamed has been part of Sheffield City Council since 2016.

On her campaign website, she said: “Education, community, and politics have changed my life, and allowed me to work with others to change our city.

“I’ve had to work hard, and I believe no one should be held back by a lack of opportunities.”

Her priorities include fighting inequality and investing in education.

Coun Abitsam Mohamed’s campaign video

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