Two men from Sheffield have been jailed for life after they murdered 30-year-old Khuram Javed in April last year.

Mr Javed was shot three times by Samsul Mohammed, 19, from Walsley Road and was also stabbed by Tinashe Kampira, 20, from Bower Road.

Sheffield Crown Court heard that the men killed Mr Javed on a footpath near Bramall Lane at around 9.30pm on the 10th April. The two men were then seen on CCTV running to Graves Park where it is suspected that they disposed of their weapons.

Police were called to the scene to find Mr Javed with serious bullet and stab wounds. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Samsul Mohammed was sentenced to a minimum of 32 years in prison whilst Tinashe Kampira was given a minimum of 26 years. Mohammed’s gunshot was what killed Mr Javed.

In a powerful statement that was read out in court, Mr Javed’s wife of five years, Sannamunir, said: “In my eyes he was perfect, he was the centre of my world.

“I feel like a part of me has died.”

Mr Javed was also the father of two children, a son aged four and a daughter aged five.

Sannamunir said: “They were everything to him. It is heartbreaking that our son will have no memory of him and our daughter has become a different child since he died.

“He was very much a family man. His parents are broken, they visit his grave daily.

“He was their pride and joy.”

Khuram Javed – South Yorkshire Police

During the sentencing Mrs Justice Lambert said: “Its clear that the family has lost a loving father and husband.”

Mr Javed was a well-respected solicitor. He had ambitions to buy a house with his wife and they had also planned to have a third child.

Also in court were Sohidul and Saydul Mohammed, who assisted the getaway of the pair following the attack. They were seen on CCTV driving the men out of the Sheffield area and down south.

The two brothers were jailed for three and a half years each.

Left to right: Sohidul and Saydul Mohammed – South Yorkshire Police

Mrs Justice Lambert said: “They were old enough to know that they gave very significant assistance in the case.”

Following the sentencing, the distress of the killers’ families was clear to see. They could be heard wailing and crying at the thought that they may never see these men again.